Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Sneeze- Insourcing

This book came at a timely moment, 2 yrs into a new position, while still working for the first congregation( for 6 yrs), we were wondering where we were at, are we going the right direction, attendance has doubled so "now what?". I am sure this is common across the board no matter how long you have been in ministry.
All too often we try to create something new, or do something that catches the attention of those outside the "building", rather than make sure the inside is healthy and thriving. What we need is inner growth, discipleship, and strengthening those who are attending.
Thankfully Randy Pope has gone before us and is sharing his experience and knowledge with the rest of us.
After reading this book, we have gained encouragement for what we have done and been nudged to do more.

I highly recommend this book.

You can watch the video book "trailer" here:

Highlighting the successful “life-on-life missional discipleship” practices that his church has refined for over twenty years, Randy Pope inspires pastors and church leaders to leave behind ineffective programs and to stop “outsourcing” the task of discipleship by moving it from the margins of the church back into the mainstream.

Book Description

Too many of today’s pastors and leaders mistakenly think that thriving programs, lively worship services, and relevant preaching are adequate for developing people into the spiritual dynamos God desires. In many churches, the primary objective of the church---discipleship of people into mature followers of Jesus---has been “outsourced” to programs and large-scale efforts to train and teach. But is that happening? Are people growing in spiritual depth and missional determination?
Twenty-five years ago, the leaders of Randy Pope’s rapidly growing church took serious stock of their own spiritual development and realized all of them had benefited from a personal discipleship relationship that had helped them grow in their faith and discover where God was calling them to service. As a church, they decided to make personal discipleship their do-or-die aim: applying one person’s real life to another’s to accomplish something far bigger than that single life. Perimeter calls their approach “life-on-life missional discipleship” and Insourcing tells their story.
Randy Pope writes for church leaders who recognize the value of discipleship and need practical ideas for reorienting church ministries around personal discipleship. Readers will be encouraged that a wide scale personal discipleship program is attainable for any church.

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