Monday, August 31, 2015

NIV Bible for Teen Girls

I received for review,  the "NIV Bible for Teen Girls".
The colours are very appealing as are the drawings on the pages. The one complaint from my girls, ages 10 and 13, is that they wished more of the real carried over inside than the pink.

Inside is ofcourse the NIV translation, which is the blend of NIV and TNIV (see previous posts on NIV translations)

The editors of this volume did a great job at "character profiles" and highlighting verses that are not the usual run of the mill, typical verses.

Some one will most likely complain (especially if they are over 40) about one of the devotionals using the term "screw up". This was a bit of a risk on the side of the editors, to keep devotional content relative and to reach mainstream kids one can assume is the reasoning. My mother would have freaked out. I was surprised, but not offended. But just so you know, it is on there.

Over all this is a good teen study bible. It also has a nice concordance and topical study guide. The devotional material is well done, and I believe that it will engage it's audience quite well.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

NKJV Foundation Study Bible

I received the NKJV Foundation Study Bible in the mail today.

What I often hear about the NKJV version is that it is just the KJV with the "thee's and thou's" removed. More went into the translation process than just that. The "complete equivalence" translation process is used, "preserving all the information of the text, while presenting it in good literary form". This is different from the "dynamic equivalence" which often uses  paraphrasing.
"Complete equivalence translates fully, in order to provide an English text that is both accurate and readable." -Preface to the NKJV

In addition to a reliable text, this study Bible is a resource for both new believers and those new to indepth study. Study notes contained within, have cultural context and also definitions.
For example notes on Joshua 22:30-31 says," Prudence- Jumping to conclusions can bring one to the brink of disaster. While their motives were good (maintaining purity) they did not stop to find our what was really going on. This incident provides us with a good example of the importance of communicating before we act. Even when we are dealing with a case of serious sin (as the western tribes thought they were), the first reaction should be to try and persuade the sinner to repent and return to the Lord."

Combined with a binding that lays open and a readable font, Thomas Nelson also gives you a lifetime guarantee. This is a wonderful edition, ready to be put through the paces of a good study regime.

Complaint: The choice of red ink on the back cover is hard to read.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Adam Quest

This book came out in 2014 and I am a bit tardy in getting the review posted.

The Adam Quest is a collection of view points from 11 scientists, representing young earth creationists, intelligent design proponents, and theistic evolutionists.
There was great potential for this book. Although the information is presented with the author's obvious bias, it is a nice resource for those wondering what "the other side" sees, which ever side that may be.

"A deeply informative look at Christians working in science, this book is for both believers and those who harbor doubts―an intersection of faith and science, and a safe place for questions. Whether you believe in a young earth, intelligent design, evolutionary creationism, or something else, The Adam Quest offers a chance to strengthen your faith, deepen your knowledge, and bring science back into the church."

I am looking forward to more books along these lines, to open discussion in the body to the many "theories" and viewpoints.

Sacred Marriage

It is hard to believe just how many years ago it was that we picked up this book. Our marriage was beyond rocky... 3 children 2.5yrs and under, our 4th move, and a chasm between us.
While our pastoral staff were encouraging us to divorce and start over, we were sick at heart and new there had to be another answer to our misery.
Into our local Christian bookstore we marched, credit card in hand, and loaded our arms up with marriage books and bible studies. After all these years, the only title I remember is "Sacred Marriage".

While we went through this book together, I remember how there was an almost audible voice one night that said, "I will restore him and make him into aighty man. You can choose to be the woman at his side or some one else will be."

This book changed our hearts, our lived and our marriage. 21 yrs of marriage and now with 6 children, he has become a pastor of 2 congregations. His sermons reach hearts across our own nation, Africa and places I have never even heard of. I can not begin to express my gratitude to Gary Thomas for writing this book, for being a vessel G-d spoke through into our lives.
This is our favourite wedding gift, the book we recommend to every couple who seeks counseling, and has several times found its way his sermons.

This new updated "streamlined" version makes it easy to find on the shelf once again.

Buy this book if you are married, if you are pondering  marriage... or divorce, or if you have any relational interaction with people in general.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing...

16 mons since my last review.
As you may remember I began running. I collapsed a lung at some point, which is a more common injury that I knew. Which in combination with my atlas bone being misaligned, caused crazy heart issues.

Then this winter, I was no longer able to chop vegetables, pour a glass of milk, or reach for something off a shelf! Why?
Several years ago, there was a car accident, then just 2 yrs ago while on a hike in mountain terrain, in pouring rain, I fell and grabbed onto a "chain" hung to keep us on a trail over boulders. Apparently I knocked my collar bone out.

So with months of Physical Therapy, I am now starting to feel a bit normal.

Which means I can hold a book in my hand once more! Ready for books?!

I actually was really blessed with audio books while I couldn't hold a book. I went through about 20 YA titles. I will give you info on those as I get back into writing.

Today, I left off with Donita K Paul's One Realm. Our family loves Donita. When we had a child spend 6 mons on bedrest, she not only sparked her imagination, but wrote her back, thanking her for the dragon drawings and little  hand knit dragons that she sent. Having an author who was greatly admired, respond with real letters was such a boost to her spirits.
Which meant when the availability of her new book came up to review, we were all excited.

I know, there is one important question, and yes, I am pleased to report, One Realm does have a dragon. His name is Tom... and he is also a dog. Tom has served as guardian to Cantor since he became mobile. " When Cantor ran, Tom shape-shifting from dog to dragon and swooped in to snag the determined boy before he slipped into another realm."
One dragon is not enough. I have always lived how Donita creates dragon abilities and distinct personalities. One Realm does not disappoint.

With this book we are brought into the world of realm walkers. We get to watch Cantor D'Ahma learn how to use his abilities to walk thru different realms, and fill his destiny as a protecter of realms.
Cantor must leave the protection of his home and Tom who is Ahma's dragon, find the dragon who is his match, suitable companion and a life long friend.

This is a wonderful beginning to a new series. True to her style, Donita K Paul gives us a new fantasy 'realm' to delve into.