Saturday, August 29, 2015

NKJV Foundation Study Bible

I received the NKJV Foundation Study Bible in the mail today.

What I often hear about the NKJV version is that it is just the KJV with the "thee's and thou's" removed. More went into the translation process than just that. The "complete equivalence" translation process is used, "preserving all the information of the text, while presenting it in good literary form". This is different from the "dynamic equivalence" which often uses  paraphrasing.
"Complete equivalence translates fully, in order to provide an English text that is both accurate and readable." -Preface to the NKJV

In addition to a reliable text, this study Bible is a resource for both new believers and those new to indepth study. Study notes contained within, have cultural context and also definitions.
For example notes on Joshua 22:30-31 says," Prudence- Jumping to conclusions can bring one to the brink of disaster. While their motives were good (maintaining purity) they did not stop to find our what was really going on. This incident provides us with a good example of the importance of communicating before we act. Even when we are dealing with a case of serious sin (as the western tribes thought they were), the first reaction should be to try and persuade the sinner to repent and return to the Lord."

Combined with a binding that lays open and a readable font, Thomas Nelson also gives you a lifetime guarantee. This is a wonderful edition, ready to be put through the paces of a good study regime.

Complaint: The choice of red ink on the back cover is hard to read.

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