Monday, August 17, 2015

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing...

16 mons since my last review.
As you may remember I began running. I collapsed a lung at some point, which is a more common injury that I knew. Which in combination with my atlas bone being misaligned, caused crazy heart issues.

Then this winter, I was no longer able to chop vegetables, pour a glass of milk, or reach for something off a shelf! Why?
Several years ago, there was a car accident, then just 2 yrs ago while on a hike in mountain terrain, in pouring rain, I fell and grabbed onto a "chain" hung to keep us on a trail over boulders. Apparently I knocked my collar bone out.

So with months of Physical Therapy, I am now starting to feel a bit normal.

Which means I can hold a book in my hand once more! Ready for books?!

I actually was really blessed with audio books while I couldn't hold a book. I went through about 20 YA titles. I will give you info on those as I get back into writing.

Today, I left off with Donita K Paul's One Realm. Our family loves Donita. When we had a child spend 6 mons on bedrest, she not only sparked her imagination, but wrote her back, thanking her for the dragon drawings and little  hand knit dragons that she sent. Having an author who was greatly admired, respond with real letters was such a boost to her spirits.
Which meant when the availability of her new book came up to review, we were all excited.

I know, there is one important question, and yes, I am pleased to report, One Realm does have a dragon. His name is Tom... and he is also a dog. Tom has served as guardian to Cantor since he became mobile. " When Cantor ran, Tom shape-shifting from dog to dragon and swooped in to snag the determined boy before he slipped into another realm."
One dragon is not enough. I have always lived how Donita creates dragon abilities and distinct personalities. One Realm does not disappoint.

With this book we are brought into the world of realm walkers. We get to watch Cantor D'Ahma learn how to use his abilities to walk thru different realms, and fill his destiny as a protecter of realms.
Cantor must leave the protection of his home and Tom who is Ahma's dragon, find the dragon who is his match, suitable companion and a life long friend.

This is a wonderful beginning to a new series. True to her style, Donita K Paul gives us a new fantasy 'realm' to delve into.

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