Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Sneeze- Organic God

I picked this book in all honesty because of the author's last name. A book published by a christian company with a jewish last name. There are more and more jews who have come to believe that Jesus, Yeshua, Is the Messiah. It is considered the largest growing group in judaism. There are as many "messianic jews" as there are chasidic jews in America. Yet with that knowledge, some times as a jewish believer I feel like an anomaly. Too jewish for the church, too christian for the shul.

I connected immediately with Margaret's story of studying midrash with her bubbe.  She shared beautifully how she lived in 2 worlds. 

This book is an easy read but challenges you to do more than just read the words. Margaret weaves scripture throughout the book, placing emphasis on G-d's Word not her own. Liz Curtis Higgs said the goal of a christian writer should be that when they close "our" books the reader should open "His". Margaret has succeeded in that.

After reading this book I am now interested in reading more of Margaret's writings. Her website has some other great additional resources.
Maragret is currently battling cancer and can use our prayers and support as well.

This Organic God is the One Who “goes before you in this journey and makes it possible. God desires to restore relationship with us and embark on the journey each and every day.”

“Without his healing and forgiveness, my opinions become reactions, and in the process my spiritual life becomes more like a pendulum swing than a faith journey. The Organic God invites me to step off the pendulum and into a deeper, more balanced relationship with Him – where the way I want to live and respond is based on His guidance, His leading, and His wisdom rather than my own.”

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