Sunday, September 27, 2015

Diary of a Jack Wagon

Wow. This was quite an adventure. 
What began as just reading a book evolved into reading the book aloud to my husband, who admittedly found it much more funny.
This lead to him pulling up youtube videos and watching them with the boys.
And that pretty much is the target audience of this book: Guys.

I was not quite as amused by the story of his helpful wife while drivinh, my husband however was, and has repeated a few lines. (Do not ask what my reaction was)

Very entertaining, the book has many of the comedy routines that you watch in Tim 's shows. If you can get the audio version, do it....especially if your own comedic timing in joke telling maybe a bit off.
Watch the video: What is a Jackwagon?

Tim Hawkins is known for his parodys, the guys love "Cleetus take the reel", and his skits on homeschooling and parenting. Subscribe to his youtube channel.

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