Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Sneeze The Modern Life Study Bible - God's Word for Our World

The Modern Life Study Bible-NKJV has been well worth the wait. This Bible will be available January 21, 2014. It is a full colour Study Bible. Each book overview has a basic "what was going on and who wrote it" but also has key verses to help you find familiar references.
This is an excellent resource for your daily life. A great balance between "deep knowledge" and application.
I was pleasantly surprised at the hebraic background/cultural notes. So often in the past as a jewish family we have read other study notes and found them to be inaccurate. These however have been spot on. There are notes. prompts really, to encourage application in community, social justice issues, every day life "to illustrate our potential to make a difference."
The whole book is beautiful. The Word of G-d  presented well  in a way to encourage you to take chances, get your hands dirty in service and live a life in His strength.

With all these notes and helps, this has quite some heft to it! Although the edition I have is a hardcover, the binding is flexible and there is no gluing anamolies, showing care in the construction. As long as you don't stuff bulletins and notes pages to bursting -cringe- (don't do it! preserve the binding!), this looks like it will last a long time.

"Our world summons us to act, give, and connect. God's Word empowers us to answer the call."

"Thinking Independently- The Modern Life Study Bible challenges us to develop our own thinking. The articles are designed to guide the reader without forcing an answer for every theological issue. Some times several possible answers are suggested; at other times the focus is on the broad significance of the text rather than specific details. At all times The Modern Life Study Bible encourages thoughtful faith."


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As members of the modern age, we sometimes feel disconnected from the world of the Bible. But if we look closely, we can see that although cultures change, our basic challenges stay the same. We still struggle with issues like community, justice, economic stress, political tensions, and cultural and ethnic differences. We still wonder who God is, how to discern His will, and how we fit into His plan.

Using historical context and fresh insights backed by biblical scholars, The Modern Life Study Bible explores the timeless truths that connect the people and stories of the Bible to the opportunities and demands we face today. God is at work in our world, inviting us to experience His presence.

With innovative, full-color illustrations, maps, and diagrams, along with special information on occupations of the Bible, profiles of people and places, theme indexes, and inspirational biographies of believers who put their faith to work, The Modern Life Study Bible will draw you in, helping you to know and embrace what it means to follow Christ in today’s world.

Features include:
  • More than 2,400 concise articles and book introductions
  • More than 220 full-color maps
  • Hundreds of diagrams, tables, and illustrations
  • 66 inspirational biographies
  • Indexes to aid navigation and study

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