Monday, November 25, 2013

Edelweiss Books Fireflies

“Catch ideas like fireflies in a jar, and write what only YOU can write.”
Coleen Paratore teaches writing workshops for kids and teens. Passionate about sharing the joy of writing,  Fireflies, coming out in 2014, is a book on that subject. This book is like a series of 'writing prompts' for kids.

A wonderful gift for aspiring writers. This book will encourage and teach them to "see" without them even realizing it.

 "In the Firefly fields of imagination, Ben learns the secret connection between his hands and his heart: his ideas. Disguised as an encounter between an author and a shy student, this charming lesson on the magic of inspiration will have children of all ages reaching for their notebooks and watching for the spark of "fireflies."

Along with Coleen's "Read*Write*Dream*Speak" program, she is also partnered with other literacy programs as well to  to encourage aspiring writers through workshops and talks throughout the country.  

"Journals do more than remind us-they inspire us!
Follow the trail of your own imagination in this vibrant journal as you learn to catch the "fireflies" of creativity. Award-winning author Coleen Paratore shows would be writers how to turn those little sparks of thought into brightly-burning ideas."

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