Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Sneeze The Church Builder - A.L. Shields

"Why not place certain religious themes at the heart of a story?"
The Christian themes are subtle, It is a story that you may not see as a "christian book. Which is a refreshing thing. The goal was to have a good story, faith naturally comes into it.  Well written and captivating.

 A thriller with secret codes, secret societies, and deathbed confessions.  Nothing is as it seems and  no place is really very safe.
Bethany is on the run from a murderer and the government is after her.
What is the real reason her friend was killed?
Can she prove that the evidence against her is false?
What is truth?

No spoilers, you have to read the book, it is well worth reading.

I love these names:
The Wilderness dedicated to the destruction of all religious faith. \
The Garden, seven members led by  the Builder, try to protect the church.

From the publisher:
"Bethany Barclay is running for her life. She’s a struggling attorney who’s been framed for the murder of a client. To clear her name, she must follow the trail left by her friend Annabelle to find out who killed her and why. Meanwhile, members of a centuries-old secret society known simply as The Garden track Bethany’s every move, aiding her when they can. Because The Garden knows that Bethany has been targeted by the ruthless Wilderness Society . . . and to advance their agenda in a centuries-old battle they’ll find out what she knows and then kill her too."

If you like intrigue, suspense and a good thrill, you will enjoy this book.

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