Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Sneeze 'No Cape Required: A Devotional' by Kristen Parrish

In "No Cape Required". Kristen Parrish gives you a fictional hero and a character trait that we can learn from them. 52 lessons, one a week.
Heroes range from comics, movies, beloved books, from The Chronicles of Narnia to Shawshank Redemption. This is a book that will connect to many, using pop culture icons to speak of truths and remind you that you don't have to be a mutant or alien to be a hero. The devotions are written to remind you that the ability to be a hero is in you and has been all along.

I am a SciFi and comic book geek. This book was replete with characters I adore.
It would make an excellent gift and is not generation specific.
Have some one in your life that just needs to be told "I believe in you"? This is for them.

Topics include:
Spock and Kirk's Friendship
Superman’s Justice
Robin Hood's Charity
Eustace's Repentance
Dorothy’s Courage

What do Katniss Everdeen, Spider-Man, and Huckleberry Finn have in common? They’re heroes—and you can be just like them.

As children, we dream of throwing on a cape and changing the world. Then we grow up, we learn to see the flaws in our movie stars and athletes, and we accept that true heroism is not possible in the real world. You continue to dream, though. Isn’t that why you still love watching heroes on the big screen? It’s more than just wish fulfillment. You resonate with Superman’s justice and Dorothy’s courage because you have those same qualities within yourself.

In these pages, Kristen Parrish looks at the qualities of fifty-two heroes, and then shows how you can acquire every one of those qualities. No gamma rays or radioactive spider bites are needed. You can unleash your inner hero through prayer and practical action.

Men and women, boys and girls alike, will find role models within these pages. While others watch and dream on the sidelines, you can step out in faith, learning from heroic examples and praying for God’s help to make you who you were meant to be.

The Holy Spirit enables us to do great things. Find out how. No cape required.

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