Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Sneeze Risky Gospel: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome By Owen Strachan

I have seen this book categorized as "radical" and for "college students". Which I think really says a lot about the state of things in our churches. As if taking risks and being "radical" is only for the young. I am, I hate to admit it, not considered young. I am really close to 40. But in our town and congregation where most are retired, I am still just a "whipper snapper".
I would like to think that this book is aimed at the Church Body, not the youth and college ministry. The whole body needs  gospel-driven discipline, to working for God's glory and not our own, committing to the you attend church (which might mean the scary M word- membership), and building an evangelistic witness that is not shameful. The "cultural lingo" maybe considered younger in general , but the lesson applies to all generations.

 "God's awesomeness should propel our faithfulness."

Book Description:
How do you access a real, thriving, vibrant faith? You trust a big God, and you start living like he’s real. It’s time to put our comfort and ease and false security on the line. If we know God is real, let’s pray as if he’s actually listening. If we know he’s good, let’s reflect that goodness in the world. When our problems feel big, let’s lean on the One who is bigger. Is that risky? “Sure,” says Owen Strachan. “Embrace it anyway. It’s literally the only way to live.”

Is this really own for the "next generation?!
We were made for something more and it is time we start living like it!
The book neatly divides into two sections, 1-  why risk should be a way of life for all Gospel-centered Christians  and 2- how to take these concepts and apply them.
“Gospel Risk.” is defined as “trading in small things that produce a shallow defeated life for the life shaped by the gospel, one devoted to God and his glory.” (66)

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