Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Sneeze The Spiritual Mentor by Jim Grassi

Based on Romans 12, this is a discipleship and mentoring study for men.

"Don't be fooled, spiritual mentorship is not something to be left to "the professionals". If you know what it means to follow Christ, each day just one step at a time, you are ready to begin this adventure"
-Phil Downer from the forward

The author brings out the fact that on any Sunday 39% of a church (if you are lucky) are men. For decades churches have been decorated in a mauve fashion, to be welcoming to women. Men have been neglected and even thrown under the bus in some ministries that cater almost completely to women or small children.

This book focuses on the man's role in the church, manliness, how to start a mentoring ministry in your congregation and pass on the vision for a healthy church.

"Jesus didn't tell us to go and make a church; He told us to go and make disciples.We should not be focused upon building big churches, but should focus our efforts on building spiritually deep disciples" pg 17

"What will save out nation and Christianity is for believers to band together like the first century church and become radical about discipiling others." pg 18

This book seeks to help you make a plan and put it into action. One of the ways to do this is by looking at the health of the church you are in. One question asks: "What things are you finding in your church that seem divisive or hindering to an effective outreach and discipleship?

This is an excellent resource and does a great job at making the focus and burden not being all on the paid staff but a community issue. I look forward to placing copies of this book in the hands of several men and see where they are lead.

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