Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Sneeze Ted Dekker Blessed Child & A Man Called Blessed

The Caleb Series

In "Blessed Child"(originally published in 2001) we are introduced to Caleb, a 10 year old with amazing healing abilities, who grows up in a monastery orphanage with basically no contact with the outside world.

All Caleb wants is to serve G-d, animals follow and listen, people flock to him as well and experience healing. In the beauty and joy of it all Caleb poisoned, shot, abducted and maintains his innocent, pure faith.

Father Nikolous believes Caleb has "psychic powers" and begins to book public events with high costs for admission. Like every Dekker book there are plot twists to keep you from figuring out the whole story as you read. (which I love about his writing)

Jason, a Peace Corps worker, asked to rescue Caleb Jason works his way through war zones to find him. Add to the list of rescuers is a Red Cross nurse, Leiah.

"A Man Called Blessed" Caleb is now a twenty-ish man, living back in Ethiopia, with Jason & Leiah, SPOILER ALERT: his adoptive parents. As a child, Caleb had an amazing faith and a heart for God,now we see that as a young man, he has misplaced his love for God. Like a spiritual desert, Caleb has had to come to terms with his faith in this desert.

Rebecca Solomon, a former IDF soldier turned archaeologist, leading her team deep into the desert, to try and find the remains of the Ark of the Covenant. It's a discovery would bring hope to the Jewish people and give them something tangible to hold onto in the midst of suffering. However Palestinian forces have followed and are trying to stop her. While the Jews seek rebuild the Temple on the Mount, the Arabs are mobilizing to for war.

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