Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Sneeze City on Fire by Tracy Higley

City on Fire by Tracy Higley  (This is a reissue of the 2011 book for those who have previously read the author's books.)
It is the story a Jewish girl who has fled the destruction of  the burning of the Temple in Jerusalem and the persecution of the Jewish people by Nero, to Pompeii, a city we know is a city doomed. The rumbles of Vesuvius are warnings to us who know the fate of the city.
Ariella, Lioness of G-d as her names translates, becomes quite the lioness as she goes from slave to gladitor.
" I am invincible," she claims. Angry and bitter, she no longer trusts God, but in her own strength.

The author has done well with researching the culture, and lifestyles of those in Pompeii. Pompeii was a vile city, the culture and morality portrayed in the book are what you would expect of a Roman Empire under Nero, with fewer details thankfully. This sets the scene for the contrasts of that culture and the culture of the early Christians and their faith.

Well written, historical fiction, and I look forward to reading more of Tracy Higley's works.

From the Publisher: In the coastal town of Pompeii, a new gladiator prepares to fight. But this gladiator hides a deadly secret: she’s a runaway Jewish slave girl named Ariella, disguised as a young boy. A savvy fighter, Ariella determines to triumph in the arena, knowing her life will be forfeit should anyone uncover the truth.

Cato, a wealthy politician, moved to Pompeii after tiring of the corruption in Rome. But he soon learns that Pompeii is just as corrupt, and if he doesn’t play the game, his family could pay the price. Determined to bring about justice for the citizens of Pompeii, Cato searches for allies. But what he discovers instead is a confounding group of Christians . . . and a young female gladiator whose fame is growing daily.

Political unrest reaches a boiling point as Christians are jailed and executed, and the mountain in the distance threatens to destroy the city with its river of fire. Cato and Ariella must act quickly and courageously to save their loved ones before all is lost.

Author bio:

Tracy started her first novel at the age of eight and has been hooked on writing ever since. Tracy, opening any novel is like stepping again through the wardrobe (of Narnia), into the thrilling unknown. With every book she writes, she wants to open a door like that, and invite readers to be transported with her into a place that captivates.

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