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Book Sneeze Running for Recovery Marathons of the Body, Mind, Spirit By CH LTC, RET Arthur Coffey, Jr., D. Min.

This book is about the physical transformation of a mind, transformed by the Word of G-d.
After a motorcycle accident, Arthur was hospitalized for 3 mons. His IQ was at 39, they believed he would never recover. He does still  have memory loss issues. The book is filled with quotes, scripture and the author''s insights. If this is Arthur's writings "impaired", he must have been a force to be reckoned with!

This book is a testimony to the ways that the Word of God is living and active, can renew and transform the individual and their minds themselves. Using his own experiences and going further into research and presenting that research, the author shares how the Bible can have an effect on the mind of those suffering Alzheimers or like his own memory/brain damage, and restore the mind.

A good friend of ours once experienced a similar renewing of his mind. Having lived in a drugged up state, he had killed so many brain cells. He was given scriptures verses, one at a time to memorize. Each one building on the other. Today he is one of the most brilliant men I know.

Arthur Coffey takes this a bit further by having research done and recorded.
"Coffey presented his Alzheimer's research, centered on Scripture, at the Mayo Clinic, where it was voted the most outstanding of those presented and declared to be "pioneer research" because no other known research had ever used Scripture as the independent variable. Coffey earned a doctorate in "wholistic" health care, awarded by Lutheran Theological Seminary. The exam committee proclaimed him to be the best they had seen in the field."

I love the way the military man comes through in this book. "This is what happened, these are the facts" no nonsense approach to what God has done in his life. There is no fluff in this book. There is however a lot of scripture, because Arthur knows it is God's words and not his own that can bring change. (I think you have to have some military back ground just to decipher all the letters surrounding his name! (: )

Free Sample

In a physical marathon, the “wall” shows up about mile twenty or twenty-one; when this happens, mind and body shake hands to say “we quit.” That’s where most runners will shut down, unless they reach down into their identity as spirit. To the question “Who am I; what is my identity?” God’s answer is “I am spirit; I have a mind; and I live in a body.” So, to break through the “wall” requires a hierarchy of spirit over mind over body. God’s Word will address our spirit when mind and body are out of it, thereby setting Word over spirit over mind over body to keep the feet moving. Project this to other marathons: mental, spiritual, emotional, interpersonal, occupational, financial, etc.
Book Interview (Audio)

Author Bio
Arthur Coffey has served as a parish pastor for fifteen years, an Army chaplain for twenty-three years, and a Veterans Affairs Medical Center Chaplain for twelve years. He was mobilized for Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Joint Endeavor, and the Humanitarian Aid tour to Guatemala.
Coffey is the recipient of the Witherspoon Award for "most creative use of Scripture," presented by the National Bible Association and the Armed Forces Chief of Chaplains.
He is also the recipient of a Veterans Affairs National Chaplain of the Month award for "outstanding service in the promotion of the Bible in ministry, healing and research."

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