Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Sneeze- Combating the Lies of Satan

Over several decades of group Bible study this has been a consistent need as far as what believers need to know.
Satan is a liar, and the lies can only be fought with the truth.
The TRUTH is God's Word, not our own words.
God's wisdom, not our wisdom.
Combating the lies of Satan is a spiritual growth book to do literally what the title says. This book is specifically aimed at the American Christian. Many do not realize the attitude specific to Americans and American Christians until they venture to other countries and worship and fellowship with the believers in those countries. The fixation on prosperity is only one of the issues facing the church today. It is uneducated and crippled with believing lies.

Shirley White looks at 10 issues/Lies that are not only prevalent but not being fought.  Sadly many of the churches in America are focused on entertaining and not equipping. Shirley hopes to give the believer the weapons needed to fight the lies and doubts. The topics are broad: diety/messiahship of Jesus, what is truth, and political hot bed issues concerning abortion, Israel and marriage.

From the editor" Even though Satan’s concocting these lies, man is not an innocent party to this deception; Satan may be spreading lies, but man entertains them of his own volition and perpetuates them. Man is electing to reject God and the doctrinal teachings of the Bible; he prefers to indulge teachings that flagrantly contradict Scripture. Man is Satan’s accomplice; he is complicit and culpable because he disregards the Word of God and chooses lies over truth. Average people have no clue they’re being deceived by a clever and diabolical spirit. Satan’s deception and cleverness are so astute that he’s convinced many to believe the lie that he doesn’t exist. However, he does exist, and the purpose of this book is to expose him, his lies, and his deceptions and to expose, refute, and combat the numerous deadly lies so prevalent in our world today that many have embraced. Much in this book will be seen by many as controversial and politically incorrect, but this book is factual and biblically sound; it will equip you with knowledge and insights from the Word of God to prevent you from falling prey to Satan’s deceptions."

You may not think that this book is really needed. Sadly most pastors are taught more about rhetoric these days than how to study and read God's Word in the context it was written. This means fewer pastors are teaching their churches to do the same.

This book serves as a good reminder of what the truth is and is an excellent resource to give to newer believers or those who just have not been taught how to combat the lies.
I love that Shirley ends this book with: " You have read my arguments against these specific lies that Satan has infused into our society. I appeal to you to act and pursue truth for yourself."
Don't just take any one's word for it. Seek out truth. Seek out answers.
You can read a sample of the book HERE

and Shirley has a youtube channel as well

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