Sunday, September 1, 2013

God of the Underdogs by Matthew Keller

I read about 20-25 books a month. I consume pages.
We feature a different book each month at one of our congregations. It helps keep everyone in the loop on book discussions and as iron sharpens iron, brings a bit of a challenge. So not a lot of light reading.

In the last few months, I can honestly say, Matthew Keller's book is the first one to make me laugh out loud and have to nudge my husband with "listen to this" or "have you ever considered" moments. Matt brings a fresh look to some of the stories we have grown up with. There is an interesting glance into the possible interpersonal relationships and dynamics of the underdogs we view as heroes.
"Every person G-d used had a justifiable excuse for why he or she couldn't or shouldn't be used by God to accomplish great things."

God of the Underdogs TM from Matt Keller Online on Vimeo.

Looking back, we already know the outcome and how the story will end with the miraculous. Some times it is hard to see just how dark a place the heroes had to come from. We read the words like prison, hiding threshing wheat, if I perish, I perish and we can forget the depth of the emotion behind them.
Just like He knew the outcome of their stories, G-d knows the outcome of yours and mine.

"To make matters worse we felt forgotten by many leaders who had influenced us before we moved. Men who had been mentors to me never called-that type of thing. It was a dark and painful season, to say the least. We were dealing with personal hurt and rejection and trying to get our little church plant off the ground."

Being 38, and no longer new to ministry, there have been soo many moments where I have looked at my husband and asked "Are we really alone in this?" and have had to remind ourselves it is G-d's gig.
Matt and his wife have also voiced those concerns and come to a place of using the encouragement they have gleaned. 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 in action, the hope they have received they offer to those who are in need.

"The more we know about who Jesus syas we are, the less we'll believe who our past says we are. The more light we let in, the less darkness can stay."

"What happened can not be changed, but what you choose to do with it can. A minimized past is a minimzed platform. Minimized pain is pain that still has control over you. Stop minimizing and start surrendering your past to Jesus. He can do far more with your past than you can cover up or minimize."

This was a very enjoyable kick in the pants kind of book.
There is encouragement, focus adjustment and not just motivational talk but motivation from scripture.
Matthew Keller not only will make you laugh and think, but will encourage you to
"Go and Change the World Anyway." And I did geek out a bit with the interactive content/mp3 links for each chapter.
There is an outreach series Matt is starting Sept 14 (Yom Kippur/day of atonement....coincidental? I think not.) If you are interested in more involvement: Linkage to WebSite
There are chapter samples and other resources because Matthew doesn't just want to sell books he wants to see the church and the world CHANGED. Go check it out!

You may also get this song stuck in your head:

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