Saturday, September 21, 2013

Book Sneeze Death By Living by N.D. Wilson

N.D. Wilson is quickly becoming a favourite author. We had already amassed a collection of his children's books. Now here I am reviewing another of his books.

N.D. Wilson is a best selling author and it is easy to read why. Not only does he write beautiful words, you may find yourself needing to read them aloud to some one, just to hear them spoken.

Along with the written words, there are book trailers, youtube videos, and DVDs. READ the "unprofessional bio" on his blog!
Death by Living written after burial and loss in his family, has fallen into my hands from BookSneeze after burying 2 grandmothers. The desperate longing to live a life well lived, to embrace it all and drink every moment in, echoes through me.

As a family, we have often been teased about "having a story for everything". I have taken it as a badge of honour. We are "People of Story". I love the the master storyteller way N.D. Wilson has. You don't feel "preached at" but challenged, thoroughly and deeply, by a friend.
"As it turns out, there is a difference between asserting that life is a story and actually living life like a story. And there is another difference between living life like a story and living life like a good story."

ouch! Am I living life like a good story? Am I teaching my kids to live their stories?


"God calls our bluffs and makes narrative hypocrites of us all"

"Grabbing will always fail. Giving will always succeed"

"The five young souls closest to me are the first that I touch, and they are brother and sisters to a King. He treasures them more than I ever could, even at my most wistful. He shaped them from nothing. He called them here and burdened them with me as their father. He beats their hearts and His breath inflates their lungs. He knows their beginning and their ends. He know how many other souls He will bring from these five in the centuries to come just as He knows how many flakes He hurled at me on the mountain. We are all flakes, hurled with intertwining artistry."

"Living to live always reaches inevitable and pointless Darwinian burnout-bigger fears, deeper mortal panic; therefore, live to die,"

"There is a school of American thought that suggests we are supposed to live furiously and foolishly when young, slave away pointlessly when adults, and then coast into low-impact activity as soon as financially possible. Isn't that just a kiss on the lips (from a dog). The truth is that a life well lived is always lived on a rising scale of difficulty."

"Christianity is no good at all as an idea. Stop thinking that an asserted proposition is the same thing as faith. It's a start. But it can also be a costume. Enflesh it"

"Lay your life down. Your heartbeats cannot be hoarded. Your reservoir of breaths is draining away. You have hands, blister them while you can. You have bones, make them strain-they can carry nothing in the grave. You have lungs, let them spill with laughter"

"Drink your wine. Laugh from your gut. Burden your moments with thankfulness. Be as empty as you can be when that clock winds down. Spend your life. And if time is a river, may you leave a wake."

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