Monday, September 30, 2013

Book Sneeze Co Parenting Works by Tammy Daughtry

I am not divorced, separated...not even thinking about it.
However, we have counseling situations and my dearest friend is going thru this with her kids.
This book is an excellent resource as it highlights things one may not have thought of addressing or considering. Statistics, surveys, advice and 10 yrs of experience come together in Tammy Daughtry's book.

 The Author seeks to help you become a TEAMM - an acronym for "The End Adult Matters Most". Part of that is being a stable and effective parent, which is the first topic dealt with in the book. 

Other topics include Parenting when things are impossible and when things go wrong, and advice on moving forward in your life after divorce. Two homes, two rooms and One Child? How to make the child feel at home in both locations.
"The life of a child of divorce is not the same as the life of a child from an intact family"

Tammy uses examples from "constructive and productive" coparenting families and shows how others have made it "work" for them. The book is a road map for finding a healthy, grace centric, way of co existing for the sake of the child(ren).

The fights between the parents at the "hand off" time. Kids know if you are fighting, "text" fighting on the phones, and stressed and anxious.

It even is available as an ebook for busy parents.

Links are provided to the author's web site and other support groups
Tammy Daughtry is the founder of Co-Parenting International (, and is dedicated to the critical impact of co-parenting on children of divorce. 
Sample :

What if your child’s “life-after-divorce” could be better than you’ve hoped for? Author, counselor, and co-parent Tammy Daughtry offers real world co-parenting strategies that can dramatically increase your child’s chances of leading a healthy, successful life. You’ll discover how positive co-parenting today can lead to a better and brighter future for you and your child.

Though you have made me see troubles,
    many and bitter,
    you will restore my life again;
from the depths of the earth
    you will again bring me up.
21 You will increase my honor
    and comfort me once more. Psalm 71:20-21


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