Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Sneeze Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible By Matthew West

Forgiveness is more than an act of stuffing and "forgetting". This book contains 50 stories of how others have come to have true forgiveness, and find healing. These are stories of those who have gone through divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, death, and pain, and have found healing.The book is divided in four sections: Forgiving Others, Asking for Forgiveness, Forgiving Yourself, and Embracing God's Forgiveness. With scriptural references along side the stories, this book makes an excellent counseling resource.

I do not know if forgiveness is every something that becomes easy or easier, however hearing the stories of those who have gone before, offers hope as well as opportunity for introspection. Where am I resentful? angry? holding on to past hurts? What areas do I need healing and forgiveness in? Is there hope after such pain?

"There's something that feels important when I sit down with the responsibility of somebody's life story in front of me. It's not important like, 'Look at this awesome thing that I'm doing,' but it feels important because this person has trusted me with their story and my responsibility is to them."

"Forgiveness---it's the hardest thing to do when you're hurting, and the most necessary in order to move toward healing and peace. Opening your heart to God's promises of faithfulness, West shares 50 real-life stories of divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, and more to show how you can find freedom through forgiveness---whether you're giving it or receiving it." -MW

Publisher's Description: "This remarkable story and others like it bring peace and healing to the one needing and the ones giving forgiveness. Fifty powerful stories share forgiveness through divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, death, and more. Each story ties into the promises of God’s faithfulness and healing, and ends with the story of God’s ultimate forgiveness through the message of salvation."

Matthew West's song  Forgiveness

Matthew West is a  contemporary Christian singer, has won two ASCAP Song of the Year awards and has also been a columnist forCCM.
"On every level it has been the single most fulfilling thing that I've had a chance to be a part of in my career. It's just the added element of emotion that I feel by having a chance to be a part of this person's story and to share their story with an audience. Something really special is taking place and I'm along for the ride for as long as it needs to go. As long as those stories come in, I think I'm going to keep making these kinds of records." -MW

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